Once Upon a Time 5.22-23: Only You/An Untold Story

As I discussed in my review of ‘Last Rites’, the new tradition of closing out the season’s second major arc before the finale looked like it was set to continue. While there were no parallel universes, or time travelling escapades, ‘Only You’ and ‘An Untold Story’ were full of unexplored territory for Once, and provided a nice breath of fresh air after the tumultuous events of the Underworld arc.

Once Upon a Time 5.21: Last Rites

In order to tie up the many loose ends this season has left dangling to get things in place for the following finale, ‘Last Rites’ took a few liberties to make it happen. Those liberties ranged from confusing to downright silly, but the episode did pack enough of a punch to justify at least some of its flimsy means.

Once Upon a Time 5.20: Firebird

What I like most about the episodes that delve into Emma’s pre-Storybrooke past is that they always provide a welcome change from the usual escapades that are spent trudging around a monotonous green landscape, and show us a world where things are a little less idyllic and a bit rougher around the edges; not unlike Emma herself. ‘Firebird’, while somewhat flawed, gave us some interesting insight into what made Emma so tough in the first place. We also learned how Emma got her jacket. Maybe the second part was a little unnecessary?

Once Upon a Time 5.19: Sisters

Part of what made the opening salvo of the Underworld arc so great was that it was bolstered by strong character beats and interesting dynamics. ‘Sisters’ borrows a lot of that from ‘Souls of the Departed’, and manages to do something much more impactful, largely because what happened here felt earned.

Once Upon a Time 5.18: Ruby Slippers

Given how traditional the values of Once Upon a Time are, ‘Ruby Slippers’ went a long way towards taking those dated values apart, and rebuilding them for a modern audience. In light of the prejudicial developments of ‘Her Handsome Hero’, what transpired here was a relief.

iZombie 2.18-19: Dead Beat/Salivation Army

After a season worth of intricate plotting, meticulous set-up and exciting world building, everything finally came to a head in this exhilarating, hilarious and game changing finale. It was all done with that trademark iZombie charm, yet it also felt much bigger, and much more ambitious than anything the show has ever done before.

Once Upon a Time 5.17: Her Handsome Hero

Belle was put through so many damaging moments in ‘Her Handsome Hero’. Most of those moments weren’t even her fault, but they insinuated that everything she stands for means absolutely nothing, and I honestly can’t figure out if that’s something that will be addressed in the future, or if we’re just supposed to accept that she’s an idiot for wanting to do things the right way.